16 Jan 2017


Adding to its extensive capabilities in bacon processing, Interfood Technology has introduced a new salt and cure depositing system, offering an automated alternative to what is typically a labour-intensive process.

Manufactured by Sparc Systems, it is a bespoke design which automates the hand salting and curing process for bacon, maintaining the all-important quality while improving accuracy. 

It is already supplying the highest quality dry cured products into the major retail groups, with a system based on a continuous automatically driven line to provide a highly efficient solution. The system provides line operators with full control of product quality and the assurance of accurate dosing, with each bacon piece individually weighed for automatic calculation of the correct amount of salt and/or cure to be deposited directly onto it.  Vibratory tray feeders ensure that the salt/cure mix is evenly distributed across the product.

Efficiency has also been addressed, with the capability for quick changeover of salt or cure type, while the system’s modular design allows it to be easily modified to increase volume through additional depositing stations, thereby future-proofing the salt and cure operation to meet changing needs. It is manufactured from heavy gauge AISI 304 stainless steel for increased rigidity and structural integrity, maximising load cell stability and accuracy.

Cleaning and inspection is made easy through simple lift-off access to the underside of the conveyor, with disassembly achieved in less than 10 minutes, requiring no tools.  The HMI Line Control system ensures the correct products are selected, with a colour touchscreen to provide operators and managers with high visibility of data through ‘drag and drop’ data fields.  Data management is available via Ethernet, wireless or USB, offering full line traceability and line performance information for each line, product and individual  =piece.

Rob Allen is Divisional Manager of Interfood’s Packing Solutions Division and comments – “We have worked with Sparc Systems for a number of years in offering their range of integrated metal detection/checkweighing, X-Ray/checkweighing, and pipeline X-Ray systems.  This new development sees Sparc adopting the same attention to detail and build quality in a system which offers bacon producers an automated alternative to hand salting and curing.  It takes the guess work out of the process and provides consistent application of the salt/cure mix, with high accuracy based on the actual weight of the product pieces. This optimises efficiency and ensures that consistent product is generated every time.”