22 Apr 2017


As part of the Sparc Systems range of metal detection, x-ray and checkweighing equipment, Interfood is now offering multi-lane systems, an option which is not widely available in today’s market.

Designed for high speed lines where the products remain in the multilane format throughout the line, the systems provide excellent control and efficiency. Developed as bespoke systems to meet specific production requirements, the systems are already in use in numerous meat processing applications throughout the UK and Ireland.

The x-ray range includes the capability to retrospectively add checkweighing and vision inspection into the machine, providing the potential to meet changing and expanding requirements, without the need for investing in a new dedicated piece of equipment and not impacting on the length or configuration of the line.

All Sparc machines are fully compliant with the Codes of Practice (COP) of all the major retailers, as well as the COP developed by the British Retail Consortium for those that don’t have their own. Full line set-up and vision inspection of every pack is available through the SparcEye system which, when combined with x-ray detection, still measures just 2.8 metres in length.  The highest possible level of inspection and detection is provided, guaranteeing brand security and therefore company reputation at all times.

The machines are all electric so do not require compressed air, giving the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. All of the machines are also offered with a live data collection software option.

Interfood Technology is the sole representative in the UK and Ireland for the Sparc Systems range of weigh grading, multilane weighing and bespoke conveyors, checkweighers, and combination checkweigh/metal detection units. The range is offered through Interfood Packing Solutions, one of eight dedicated Divisions operating under the Interfood umbrella, and is backed by the extensive technical and engineering team for which Interfood is renowned.