20 May 2017


Accurate weighing is an essential factor in so many food processing lines, none more so than in fresh meat processing and production environments.  Interfood offers the Sparc Systems Maxi 420 modular grading system specifically designed to provide accurate weighing of various sizes and weights of food products as they are transported across a single weigh-conveyor.  For applications requiring salting and curing, there is also a specific depositing system which automates the hand salting and curing process for bacon, offering loss in weight depositing while maintaining the all-important quality and improving accuracy.

A central feature of the systems is the unique patented Mag-drive® technology with fully interchangeable beds, a design which has no exposed cables or motors/drives, thereby ensuring the highest standards in terms of food hygiene.  This attention to hygiene has been further extended through quick and easy cleaning, maintenance and inspection, requiring no tools and simple ‘lift-off’ access to the underside of the conveyor and drive areas.

Offering speeds of up to 200ppm (parts per minute), the systems are designed to meet specific customer requirements to maximise efficiency and cost savings.  A significant contributor to such savings is achieved through an all-electric operation, with no need for compressed air and therefore offering low cost of operation.

There is also the option of live data collection software, providing batch statistical date from the weigh station.

Interfood Technology is the sole representative in the UK and Ireland for the Sparc Systems range of weigh grading, multilane weighing and bespoke conveyors, checkweighers, and combination checkweigh/metal detection units. The range is offered through Interfood Packing Solutions, one of eight dedicated Divisions operating under the Interfood umbrella, and is backed by the extensive technical and engineering team for which Interfood is renowned.