Lower Costs, Improved Productivity through Automated Packing

Increase productivity and brand security with our complete range of end-of-line packing solutions from Buhmann, which can significantly reduce costs and improve productivity in end-of-line packing operations.

The Servokart C100S from Buhmann, a machine designed to offer quality, precision and flexibility in the automatic packing of standard and mixed variety cartons, trays and lids. It erects pre-glued cardboard blanks at speeds of up to 20 cases per minute or 144 packs per minute.

Offering an automatic solution for a growing requirement from retailers, the C100S has the capability to take two different product varieties and automatically pack them into a carton to create a mixed case format in different configurations.

Manufactured in stainless steel and with a compact footprint, the Servokart C100S can produce all wraparound and tray/lid carton formats with shelf ready style (Shelf Ready Packaging) and layflat (Transit) cases. It can accommodate solid and corrugated cardboards, using active folding to achieve the highest accuracy. On-screen live data and OEE are available on the packing machine to help drive the efficiency of the complete production line.

Any underweight cases (if the incorrect number of packs are detected) or cases which are not correctly sealed are automatically rejected for reprocessing. If required, the C100S also offers a bypass run-through facility.

Changeover to accommodate different pack sizes and formats is achieved quickly and simply, with no tools required.

Automatic Packing Machine Boxes
Automatic Packing Cardboard Blanks

Rob Allen, Divisional Manager for Interfood Packing Solutions, said – “The C100S is one of a range of options that we offer from Buhmann and has recently been successfully installed at one of the UK’s major food processing facilities where the machine has already helped to deliver an increase in line productivity. We have a full range of automatic packing machines ensuring that we have different options available to suit any type of application. Correctly specifying the right technical solution for different packing operations is critical. Our dedicated Packing Solutions Division ensures that we are able to consider all of the specific needs of a given packing operation with our customers to deliver the most effective solution.”

The Buhmann range of packing solutions is exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology’s dedicated Packing Solutions Division.

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