The Key to High Quality Smoked Fish Products


One of the key factors in achieving good quality smoked fish products is consistency of air circulation throughout the process. The Maurer-Atmos ProfitLine PFR regulates air circulation to offer superior hot/cold smoking and drying solutions for fish. With improved control of these processes, the ProfitLine PFR delivers unrivalled results with colour, flavour and product consistency.

The industrial ProfitLine PFR system for smoking fish is available with various internal and external smoke generation systems such as smouldering, friction and liquid smoke. The system employs two variable-speed fans for horizontal and vertical air circulation. Whether product is placed horizontally on mesh shelves or suspended on smokesticks, regulated air circulation ensures superior product quality with minimum weight loss, even with larger batches and maximum trolley loading.

Maurer-Atmos ProfitLine PFR includes a data recording system to ensure all process parameters are recorded and saved during product cycles. The control system also provides remote access for operators, engineers and the OEM if permission is granted.

Maurer-Atmos offer a range of solutions for hot-air finishing, roasting, baking, drying, showering and smoking. These flexible systems can be tailored to meet the needs of larger and smaller operations thanks to a compact, space-saving footprint.

The Maurer-Atmos range of batch cooking, smoking and roasting units are exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology’s dedicated Cooking, Cooling and Pasteurisation Division.

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