26 Mar 2016



We are seeing ever tighter margins on modern day burgers and in food production in general.  As a result, companies now need to focus on the overall efficiency, accuracy and hygiene of any new production lines. The need for (and the associated cost of operators) therefore needs to be minimised, with the increasing adoption of software to control traceability, accountability, recipe formulation and consistency.  This enables companies to be more competitive in the marketplace, as well as helping to reduce the margin for human error.

With volume business making up the shortfall in overall margin, the need for accurate declared fat levels needs to be optimised. The correct level of fat in the product actually improves the eating quality of burgers as too little fat can make the meat tougher and therefore the end product a ‘dry’ eating experience for the consumer since it is the correct fat levels which provide a natural basting during the cooking process, making the burger juicier and more succulent.

For a lot of companies, this can mean the difference between profit and loss – cattle are now bred to be leaner as this is what the UK market requires to endorse a healthier eating lifestyle, and, as a result, the trims and cuts used can be too lean.  This can mean costly lean meat giveaway, as well as the reduced fat levels having a detrimental effect on the overall product quality.

Interfood Technology, through its dedicated Preparation Division, offers full line solutions with all of these criteria being answered; fat levels measured in “real time” as they are being ground out, automated solutions for product transfer and adjusting the desired fat levels automatically to a pre-set target, simultaneously recording what has been done in the production of each batch.  Further down the line, Interfood can also monitor and record each individual batch temperature, as well as being able to automatically cryogenically cool the product should it exceed a pre-set target temperature.  Interfood also offers the facility to automatically load/top-up the burger forming machines as soon as they get low on product, with no operators or traditional tote bins required.

Interfood uses “state of the art” grinders and mixers to produce a clearly defined, ground product with minimal “overworking” of the product.  This in turn automatically transports to mixers that again minimise the smearing effect caused by “overworking” the product; the mixers will run a pre-programmed and consistent mixing cycle, time and time again. The pre-set mixing programme will also ensure the correct amount of protein release and binding to eliminate delamination during the cooking process.

Interfood also offers solutions for grinding fresh and/or deep frozen material without the need to change grinder tooling; it also gives a clearly defined “red and white” ground meat appearance through the advanced grinding systems used, which in turn gives a better appearance of the burger in the pack and subsequently on the shelves.

The new distributorships for which Interfood are responsible in the UK and Ireland are designed to interlink and complement each other, recognising the trend in modern day food processing facilities for complete processing lines. The emphasis in such lines is on product quality, hygiene, efficiency, reliability and value for money.

All of these well established and experienced companies supply full ranges of standard equipment through to bespoke automated systems and are backed by full spares, service and technical teams, who, in turn, are represented locally by Interfood Technology.

K&G Wetter

  • Small to Heavy duty Pre-grinding of raw materials
  • Mixing and Mixer/Grinding Systems
  • In-line accurate Fat analysing
  • Small to Heavy duty Bowl chopping with the option of vacuum


  • Vacuum Mixing and Technical application Mixing
  • Heavy duty Emulsifying systems
  • High speed and natural casing link cutting
  • In line accurate Fat analysing
  • Inotec software to control, monitor and record the entire process


  • Full range of breading, battering, flattening and splitting machines
  • Burger forming equipment to suit all throughputs
  • Spiral Cookers, chillers, freezers
  • Linear Cookers