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Best-in-class food processing & packaging equipment supported by OEM-trained technicians based across the UK & Ireland for maximum uptime, minimum downtime. 

Interfood Technology is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for the world’s leading manufacturers of food processing equipment. From consultation and workflow planning to training, maintenance and support, Interfood Technology is the supplier of choice for many of the world’s leading food manufacturers and brands. Talk to the experts about preparation, cooking, slicing, packaging and other equipment solutions for meat, poultry, fish, cheese, plant-based and more.


Interfood Technology places the texture, taste and appearance of meat as a priority when processing pork, beef, lamb and other products. With a huge range of meat processing, inspection and packing equipment available, Interfood Technology ensures meat products are prepared safely, efficiently and to the highest standards.

From flame-grilled chicken breasts to convenience foods, poultry remains one of the most popular food products, poultry requires a variety of processes. From flattening and breading to grilling and packing, Interfood Technology offers a broad range of machinery and solutions for the poultry sector.

As the pursuit for healthier eating continues including pescatarian diets, there is a steadily growing demand for fish products and associated food processing solutions. From preparation and cooking to freezing and packing, Interfood Technology offers a comprehensive range of equipment solutions fish.

Interfood Technology provides a great range of cheese and dairy equipment solutions for further processing including cooking, slicing, dicing, shredding, grating, clipping, cooking and end of line inspection and packing.

Interfood Technology offers a great range of preparation, cooking, cooling, clipping, slicing, packing and inspection solutions that are designed to keep fruit and vegetable products fresh, nutritious, tasty and safe from contaminates.

The rapid growth of plant-based food presents exciting new opportunities to the food manufacturing industry. Meat-free food is no longer exclusive to vegans as millions of people now see plant-based diets as a positive, healthy choice. Interfood Technology offer a wide range of equipment for this growing sector including the Power Heater™ from Source Technology, a versatile all-rounder that preps meat-free products without the use of albumen.

Interfood Technology offers a wide range of machines that cater for the baking industry. From mixing and cooking to dusting and sprinkling, our equipment solutions ensure both savoury and sweet bakery products are made to the highest standard.

Demand for pet food is at an all-time high with the majority of the population now pet owners. This rise in demand presents a great opportunity to the food manufacturing industry as consumers seek new or healthier food options for their pets. Interfood Technology offers a great range of preparation, cooking and packing equipment solutions for pet food.

Total food processing and packaging from a single source

For meat, poultry, cheese, bakery, plant-based, or pet food production, we offer an unrivalled range of processing and packaging machinery and support services, from standalone industrial equipment to intelligent complete line solutions. Talk to the experts at Interfood Technology to find out how we can take your production to the next level.



Professional Bakery Solutions

Salva stands as the premier manufacturer of professional solutions for bakers, representing unparalleled commitment to quality, reliability, energy efficiency, and innovation.

Tested rigorously to meet the most demanding market standards, Salva ovens are proven to be first for reliability. In the last 20 years, 80% of Salva ovens sold are still in operation, a testament to their quality, performance, and robustness.

Choose Salva for a baking experience defined by reliability, quality, and cutting-edge innovation.

Bread Moulder
Engineered with precision to optimise bakery operations, the Salva Bread Moulder is designed to ensure maximum bread production efficiency. Utilising a series of rollers and guide shoes, it employs progressive moulding systems to precisely shape diverse types of loaves.
Solaris Deck Oven
The Salva Solaris Deck Oven is an advanced electric deck oven with innovative baking technology, offering exceptional quality and energy efficiency. It ensures consistent baking results, minimising energy consumption while providing bakers with a high-performance solution for bread with a crispy crust and a soft, airy crumb.
Modular Deck Oven
The Modular Electric Deck Oven is designed to deliver unparalleled baking excellence and maximum flexibility for bakers. Renowned for its efficiency, precision, and adaptability, it sets a new standard in the industry for performance and versatility. The modular ovens feature static baking using electric ceramic resistances, resulting in unmatched product appearance.
Elecsol Deck Oven
The Elecsol Deck Oven by Salva is a premium choice tailored for artisan bakers seeking consistent and superior baking results. Featuring innovative technology, it combines the essence of traditional ovens with modern ease of use and maintenance.
Electric Boutique Oven
The Salva Electric Boutique Oven combines the best features of Salva's renowned convection and electric deck ovens, presenting an innovative proofing and baking solution within a compact footprint of less than 1 m2. The Electric Boutique Oven offers unmatched versatility for fresh and pre-cooked products in bakery, confectionery, and pizzeria settings.
FC Range – Controlled Proofer Chamber for Tray Rack Trolleys
The Salva FC Range – Controlled Proofer Chamber for Tray Rack Trolleys is a versatile solution designed for both direct and retarded proofing with tray trolleys, ideal for bakeries requiring high production capacities. With the capability to accommodate up to 12 trolleys, this chamber offers versatility and ease of installation.
Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet for Trays
The Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is the optimal solution for controlled proofing with trays, delivering precise regulation of heat and humidity to accommodate all types of dough. Convenient and versatile, the Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is designed for small artisans and medium-sized bakeries.
Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet for Trolley Racks
The Iverpan Controlled Proofer Cabinet is the optimal solution for controlled proofing with trolley racks, delivering precise regulation of heat and humidity to accommodate various dough types. Designed for small artisans and medium-sized bakeries, the Iverpan enables the customisation of multiple fermentation programs to suit each bakery's unique requirements.

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Interfood Technology is the exclusive UK & Ireland distribution partner for the world’s leading manufacturers of processing equipment. From standalone industrial food processing equipment to complete whole-line solutions, we offer our customers an unrivalled range of machinery and support services from a single source.


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