New Addition to the Weber Slicer Range

Available in the UK and Ireland through the dedicated Slicing Division of Interfood Technology, the weSLICE 4000/4500 has been developed around the highly successful Weber 405 slicer. Launched at the recent online weLIVE event, the weSLICE combines the versatility and flexibility which made the 405 so popular with an inline automatic loading system from the rear. This is while retaining the efficient manual load function for operations slicing a variety of products, that do not necessarily all suit auto loading.

The weSLICE is a continuation of Weber’s intelligent design principles and attention has been paid to ensuring the weSLICE has a small footprint, but not at the expense of capacity or performance. The 4500 features an involute blade capable of slicing up to 1,500 cuts per minute, alongside the 4000 model with its circular blade offering up to 600 cuts per minute.

Both are, designed to offer flexibility with the option of manual or automatic loading to meet individual requirements. Even for  natural variable shape and sized products, this ensures optimised product loading and feeding, as well as enhancing ease of integration with other automated processes.

Tom Foran, Sales Manager of Interfood’s Slicing Division, comments – “We constantly listen to feedback from our customers on how their slicing lines are performing, what their challenges are and how the technology can be adapted to meet those challenges. We feed this through to Weber’s dedicated R&D department and the weSLICE 4500 is an excellent example of how this approach helps to ensure that the new machines meet the specific needs of the market, now and in the future. We have seen that increased automation and lower staffing levels have become a significant driver recently and this slicer is characterised by greatly reduced set-up times, along with fewer staff required to operate it, ultimately helping to minimise costs in the long term.”

Integration is another important facet in achieving profitability from a food processing line. The weSLICE 4500 can be readily integrated with a number of other machines, including wePICK robots, wePACK thermoforming packaging machines and, another innovation, the Weber SprayTech technology. The new SprayTech development offers intelligent application of a non-stick agent that cannot be detected by the end customer. It enables individual slices of a serving to be removed more easily and without damage for a range of products including cheese, vegan, shaved applications or cooked ham. It can be fully integrated in all current Weber and Textor slicers, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to the interleaver and an exciting solution for applications in which paper or foil is simply not an option for product separation.

NEW Weber Slicing Machine
NEW Weber Slicing Machine 2

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