Interfood Partners

We operate as sole distributor in the UK & Ireland for the world's leading manufacturers of processing equipment offering our customers an unrivalled range of machinery from a single source.


Alco’s high quality, food processing equipment is designed to reduce labour, improve safety and is used to produce many different foods.


Astech are specialists in automatic bandsaws for portioning frozen products, offering a high production per worker, precision on the slice thickness and maximum safety during use.


Buhmann’s range of automatic, end-of-line case packing machines includes tray erectors, case erectors (SRP, wrap-around and pack stackers) and carton closers.


CelsiusFOOD AB fabricate a variety of industrial cooking systems for continuous cooking of foods. CelsiusFOOD’s different thermal methods employ equal modular design, allowing different heat transfer mechanisms to be combined and integrated with each other for optimal performance.


Foodlogistik manufactures reliable and accurate clean-cut machines for the dicing and shredding of meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish or fine foods.


Henneken have developed a comprehensive range of injectors, brine mixers, lacerators & loading systems, in addition to an extensive range of vacuum tumblers. Henneken are able to offer tailor-made solutions as well as modular individual systems for the processing of meat, poultry and fish. - 'A Turn Key Solution For Your Entire Marination Requirements'


Hiperbaric is the world-leader in HPP equipment - the cold pasteurisation technique which involves food being subjected to intense water pressure.


Inotec delivers complete production lines, including mixers with integrated analysing systems, emulsifiers as well as stand-alone equipment.

K+G Wetter

K+G Wetter designs and manufactures high-quality bowl cutters and vacuum bowl-cutters which offer high stability, long life and low energy consumption.


Maurer-Atmos manufactures equipment for the smoking, cooking, pasteurising, chilling, baking, maturing, thawing and storing of meat and other foodstuffs.

Poly-clip System

Poly-clip System is the world's leading manufacturer in clipping and bag-closing technology - from tabletop models to complete high-speed lines.


Pujolàs has an extensive catalogue of standard processing machinery oriented towards the meat sector, while also offering a bespoke construction service.

Scott Automation & Robotics

Scott Automation are experts in total end-of-line automation and robotic solutions, the company collaborated in the design, development and manufacture of BladeStop™.

Source Technology

Source Technology operates in the field of in-line sampling & analysis as well as process technology for manufacturing highly texturised meat analogs.

Sparc Systems

Sparc Systems manufactures counting, weighing and inspection systems which include portion control, checkweighing and x-ray inspection technologies.


Textor, part of the Weber Group, designs and manufactures a range of more cost effective, simpler slicing solutions, but with the same focus on hygiene and performance.


Weber is the world leader in the manufacture of slicing systems. It also manufactures skinning and derinding machines that minimise product waste.