Interfood Whole Line Solutions

When it comes to Slicing Lines, Interfood offer the whole package. The full range of Weber and Textor slicers can be seamlessly integrated with the wePACK 7000 Thermoformer packaging machine that is designed specifically for sliced applications. When combined with our full range of end of line inspection systems from SPARC alongside our case packing and sleeving solutions from BUHMANN, a full line solution can be tailored to customers’ requirements from a single source.

Multiple options are available for line automation, including fully integrated pick and place loading, or in-feeding solutions, into the packaging machine. Our innovative transport solution, the Weber Shuttle System WSS, provides the most flexible, compact and hygienic product transportation system available on the market.  For inspection, we have state-of-the-art metal detection/x-ray, label/print verification and weighing solutions. This all then flows directly to automated sleeving/stacking and case packing systems.

With full synchronisation of all components, you can achieve complete synergy throughout the line, maximising throughput and ensuring ease of operation for your production and maintenance personnel.

With each manufacturer having the highest build quality standards, backed up by the knowledge of our unified sales, technical and service support team, Interfood offers unparalleled expertise in the slicing industry.