We provide flexibility so that you can choose the type of slicer you need, add any modules and any type of loading that you want. With the future in mind, most lines can be upgraded to accommodate the evolution of your process.

  • UB configuration: Simple integrated conveyor available in lengths up to 4100mm combining both portioning and transportation. Slicer cutting to thickness only.
  • CCL Configuration: Slicer with integrated jump conveyors (CCU) for portioning and separate mobile transport conveyor. Slicer cutting to thickness, but with the option to retrofit a reactive check weighing or proactive scanning system.
  • MLC Configuration: Slicer with CCU and including checkweigher (CCW) for reactive feedback weight control. With marking conveyor for diversion of off weights / first cuts to one side for manual correction at the packing station. Proactive scanning system also available or can be retrofitted.
  • SLC Configuration: Machine with CCU with checkweigher and rocker system for diversion of off weights for manual correction on to an upper reject conveyor. Good portions transferred via MOV conveyor to be manually packed. Proactive scanning system also available or can be retrofitted.
  • MCS Configuration: Configuration of slicer and checkweigher is the same as an SLC machines. Outfeed conveyor is replaced with automatic infeeding system with integral rocker for diversion of off weights. Slicer portions fed directly into pack with only 1 operator required for quality control.
  • RCS Configuration: Slicer in conjunction with buffering system and Weber built Pick and Place module. Available with up to 4 pick cells and with the ability to independently sense portion orientation and correct in the pack.