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wePICK Robot

The wePICK Robot (WPR) from Weber is the fully automated and efficient solution for picking and placing products into the packaging machine precisely in any orientation. Featuring an integrated camera system, the WPR checks individual portions for accurate placement and orientation within the package. Out-of-specification products are detected and rejected for manual correction. The WPR is optimised for slicing applications and is capable of mixing products and portions into variety packs and other portion shapes. Available in various configurations: Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple PickRobot and SmartPicker (with integral buffer), depending on the application and capacity requirements.
Up to 230 picks per minute (depending on execution)
Automatic position correction
Reduced labour costs


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Tom Foran of Interfood Technology
Tom Foran
Divisional Manager – Slicing and Packaging Line Solutions
“Advanced, efficient, and flexible Weber manufactured robotic technology for picking and placing products precisely in any orientation. The integrated camera system can automatically detect portion position and intuitively pick and place a variety of portion shapes into various packing formats, with the typically high hygienic standards you would expect from Weber. Contact us for more information.”


wePICK Robot

The Weber PickRobot stands for uncompromising automation of slicing applications. Specifically adapted for your application, it can be used flexibly for all insertion tasks and is available in five different executions: SmartPicker, single, double, triple or quadruple PickRobot.

As powerful and highly efficient automation components with up to 230 picks per minute, the robots integrate perfectly into your line and ensure maximum performance. In combination with the Weber wePACK, loading portions into an advancing index is possible, which maximizes performance even better than ever before. A unique and open hygienic construction aligned with a IP69 protection class do combine automation and the highest hygiene requirements in the processing of sliced goods.

Specifically designed for the food industry with food safety and hygiene at its forefront, the WPR handles all popular portion shapes and sizes, allowing flexibility across multiple applications. With specifically designed product grippers that are easily changed when moving between products. Autonomous product detection ensures correct placement within the package to the desired orientation. 


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