GÜNTHER Maschinenbau GmbH GPM Tumbler

100 – 600 litre drum volume.


Process parameters are incrementally selectable via touch screen control.


Fast changeovers with pivoting drum unloading.


Special vacuum pump allows vacuum duration and intervals to be adjusted individually.

Günther Maschinenbau

GPM Tumbler

Günther Maschinenbau
The Günther GPM Tumblers are ideal for mixing salads, marinating, or tumbling. With a large application scope: pork, beef, poultry, fish, vegetarian, dairy products and convenience food, the GPM Tumblers are the perfect all-rounder.
Available in sizes 100, 200, 300 & 600 litres
Static drum with rotating internal arms
Culinary arm including special mixing arm on request
Pivoting drum for quick and simple loading and unloading
All process parameters easily selected via touch screen control
Manual or automatically operated lid available
50% fill depending on product


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James Radcliffe of Interfood Technology
James Radcliffe
Divisional Manager – Curing to Clipping
“The GPM tumbler is Günther’s all-rounder for mixing, marinading and tumbling. Typical applications include convenience products, ready meals and salads. Flexible, robust, and energy-efficient, the tumbler can be supplied as part of a whole line solution or integrated into your existing production line. Contact us for more information.”


Günther GPM Tumbler

The GPM Tumblers are suitable for pork, beef, poultry, fish, vegetarian, dairy products and convenience food. With a filling degree of 70%, the GPM tumblers ae efficient and stable. Available in 100, 200, 300 and 600 litres, the GPM tumblers include a culinary arm with a special mixing arm on request. The tumblers utilise a pivoting drum for a quick and simple loading and unloading process. The 100 and 200 litre have a manually operated lid and the 300 and 600 litre utilise an automatically operated lid.

Optional extras:

  • Cooled drum
  • Various loading possibilities
  • Additional options on request


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