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The Günther range of Brine Mixers provide standardised brine preparation systems for small to large processing requirements. The brine mixers are used for mixing and storage of large brine quantities outside of the production area, ensuring an efficient, time-saving, and quick preparation of any type of brine or marinade. Salts & dry powders are sucked into the water flow by a powerful stainless-steel centrifugal pump for effective mixing. The brine mixers offer simple operation with an intuitive control system and are available with options to suit your product and further enhance performance.
Agitator for mixing brine and processing flaked ice
Powerful centrifugal pump for optimum brine conveying
Hygienic, foodstuff-compliant design, entirely made of stainless steel
Highly visible filling level display
Capacities from 400 to 2000 litres
Optional cooled jacket shell and weighing cells


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James Radcliffe of Interfood Technology
James Radcliffe
Divisional Manager – Curing to Clipping
“For small to large processing requirements, Günther’s range of brine mixers and tanks ensure homogenous mixing of brine, seasoned brine, and sauces prior to further processing. Contact us for more information on Günther’s curing solutions. Contact us for more information.”


Günther Brine Mixers

The Günther GLA Brine Mixers are made entirely of stainless-steel, ensuring a durable, robust and hygienic design with a long life. The brine mixers can also be delivered as ready for connection to all Günther filter plants, systems and brine injectors.


  • Cooled jacket shells
  • Weighing cells
  • Turbine Mixers
  • Supplementary outputs
  • Supplementary valves
  • Additional options on request


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