Source Technology Power Heater

The Source Technology Power Heater is a new system from Denmark for either the upgrade of meat trim (putting fibre and texture back into lower grade meat cuts) or for the reduction in traditional manufacturing costs for higher value products. The Power Heater is also a cost-effective way to get into the vegetarian/vegan markets. Typical areas of focus are meat, vegetarian, vegan and pet food products. The Power Heater employs a simple but unique processing method and as such, it is very easy to maintain and clean hygienically. Ambient product is fed in, cooked and cut product then exits at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius (this can be higher or lower dependent on the product being produced.)

Customers are typically producing the following products; Meat products, high quality vegetarian and vegan products plus hybrid 50/50 for the flexitarians – Pizza toppings, continuous diced production, speed ham, goujons, burgers, meat balls, pie fillings, soup particles, sandwich fillings, salad toppings, snack food, fast food, ready meals etc.

Should you wish to evaluate the Power Heater's capabilities in more detail, we have use of a comprehensive test facility in Denmark. This link will show you typical products manufactured at the last few customer open days – click here.

Your benefits of switching to the unique Power Heater system are as follows:

·      A continuous processing/cooking system, from emulsion or ground product to a finished cooked and cut/diced product at up to 1.2 tons/hour.

·      Large reduction in manpower against conventional methods – One/two operators.

·      Reduced footprint against traditional methods.

·       Low operational costs this has typically been 0.5p per kg, compared to conventional cooking costs of 6p – 12p per kg.

·      Low carbon footprint (0.1 kg steam/0.005 kW per kilo product)