11 Jan 2016

Fresh Meat Portioning: From crust freezing to in-laying - In a single line

The capability to have a whole line dedicated to the portioning of fresh meat is available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology with TVI’s total concept.

TVI’s line offers crust freezing, slicing, portion control, shingling and tray dispensing, providing the ideal solution for a wide range of fresh meats – beef, lamb, pork and turkey – for both bone-in and bone-less products as well as dicing, all on the same machine. The patented gripper-less press and slice system ensures excellent yield and reduced give-away, with figures typically less than 3% give-away for bone-in products and less than 2% on bone-less. It also provides significant advances in terms of pack presentation, a major benefit as retailers look to maximise shelf appeal.

TVI is a name that is becoming synonymous with fresh meat slicing as major food producers increasingly recognise the benefits that it brings to their operation.  Central to the line is the GMS 500 singlecut multi-functional portioning system which even shingles the product, making it easier to inlay into trays. Flexibility is also ensured with the capacity to change product type in minutes, with the portioner featuring up to12 different cavities to enable quick changeover for a wide range of products, from sirloin steaks to pork loin steaks, from cutlets to belly strips, from dicing to neck steaks, without the need for tools, thereby optimising machine uptime.  This flexibility also removes the need for different, separate slicing lines to deal with bone-in and bone-less product. With just the change of a mould and a blade, the switch can be made from bone-less to bone-in loins in minutes.

Through the innovative design of the product transport and slicing system, the meat can be processed without intensive crust freezing or tempering being required. This reduces energy costs, means less drip-loss and again adds to a better visual quality in store.

When it comes to investing in a line, the support from the supplier is a vital element in the equation.  Interfood Technology, the sole supplier of TVI pressing and slicing systems in the UK and Ireland, has a TVI- trained team dedicated to providing the knowledge and support necessary to optimise productivity.