27 Mar 2017


Interfood Technology is reporting significant interest from the poultry sector in its range of equipment from Afoheat which includes gas powered grilling, bar-marking and roasting equipment.

Available from Interfood’s dedicated Cooking & Cooling Division, the range employs infrared radiation and convection technology. Proving particularly popular with poultry processors is the Afomarker, a system designed to create the bar-marking effect which enhances the appearance and therefore the saleability of a product. 

Steve Naylor, Manager of Interfood’s Cooking & Cooling Division, said – “We’ve all heard the expression that we eat with our eyes.  Well that applies equally to how we choose products from the supermarket shelf.  If a product looks appealing then it is much more likely to be selected by the consumer and with the very natural looking bar-marks from grilling achieved with the Afomarker, chicken products certainly stand out from the competition in the supermarket chiller cabinet.”

Retailers are looking for added value for their poultry products in what is a competitive market and bar-marking provides a simple but very effective method of doing so.  The Afomarker provides extremely accurate temperature settings but through low energy consumption via its pre-mix burner control.  With its stainless steel heat resistant rings featuring a floating marker head to accommodate different size products, it can be adjusted to achieve a specific intensity of grill mark.  It offers belt widths of 300, 600 and 1,000 mm to accommodate different capacities, with a removable conveyor to ensure ease of cleaning.  Bar-marks can be achieved from cooked, chilled or even frozen product.

In addition to poultry, bar-marking can be used with many meats and on a range of different cuts. It is widely employed in steaks, burgers, loins, meatballs, sausages and hams.  The Afomarker can be supplied as a stand-alone machine or integrated within a processing line to a customer’s exact specifications.