Tumbling / Massaging

For your tumbling, curing, mixing, salting, defrosting, coating, or marinating requirements, choose from our range of tumbling and massaging technology.

Whether you are producing small or industrial-scale batches, our range of tumblers can accommodate any size capacity requirement with 50 – 12,000 litre volumes available and a comprehensive range of options, including:

  • Glycol jackets for keeping product at an optimal temperature during the cycle, ensuring consistent results
  • Weigh cells for constant monitoring of product and additive ratios
  • Different loading solutions for 200/300 litre stainless steel bins and 500 litre plastic boxes, as well as vacuum options, for minimal handling
  • Tumblers which can also be used for defrosting, straight through to a continuous tumbling cycle

Backed by Interfood’s full technical and service support, our range of tumbling solutions can be integrated into your existing production line or supplied as part of a comprehensive line solution in conjunction with our wide range of preparation equipment.