Tenderising, Flattening & Cordon Bleu Cutting

Interfood Technology supplies Alco’s flattening machines for use with fresh and crust frozen products. These offer gentle flattening via an innovative procedure, delivering extreme extension of product surface in a single process - and a high hourly throughput.

The company also produces the Top-Cut side cutting machine for use with natural, Cordon Bleu style products. These provide a precise edge-gated pocket cut. For tenderising meat products, the Alco Top-Tender machines will significantly improve product tenderness and consistency by delivering several product cuts on the top and bottom of the product simultaneously via rotating knife shafts. The Top-Tender machines are available in a range of belts of 250, 400, 600, 700 and 1000mm widths. Again offering a high throughput, they also are simple to operate and clean and offer maximum operator safety

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