Alco Breading, Coating & Battering

Alco predusting machines can undertake the coating of different food products with flour, spices or finely-ground breadcrumbs. The innovative Alco blow-off system creates minimal dust after the exact and even application of the chosen coating. Belts are available in 400, 600, 700 and 1000mm widths and have an integrated tensioning system. Options include a multi-flip belt system, dust removing systems and flour feeding hoppers.

For the complete, all-around covering of irregular-shaped products such as chicken legs and other bone-in products with fine or coarse breadcrumbs, dried spices, herbs or flour, Alco drum breaders have an innovative spreading and distribution system. As a result, a single machine can deliver both gentle pre-breading or intensive tumble breading. Gentle pre-breading with breadcrumbs is possible because the circulation system does not use screws inside the drum. For top coating, Alco’s breading machines will spread either fine or coarse breadcrumbs on the upper and lower sides of the product. Both types of breading machines are available in a range of belt widths from 250 to 1000mm and are available with an optional feeding hopper for flour.

For the even and exact application/battering of tempura or marinade, Alco also manufactures liquid coating machines which come with the option of a tempura mixer.

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