Checkweighing, Metal Detection & X-ray

Precision made machine range for checkweighing and metal detecting or X-raying any pack size and weight. The machines incorporate fail safe integrity systems with dedicated lockable reject stations. Giveaway can be minimised by using feedback control to upstream equipment to constantly monitor the giveaway and change settings as appropriate during the production run. Robust construction in 304 stainless steel to give a long life expectancy with unparalleled accuracy, precision and speed. All machines are designed to the highest food grade hygiene standards with excellent visual and physical access - quick washdown is easily achieved with no tool quick release belts. All machines have colour HMI touchscreens with drag and drop functions to allow immediate viewing of any data field.

All of our detection machines can be supplied with Live Data Collection Systems to give immediate control of the production line and highlight areas for efficiency improvement. Immediate tracking of production performance against targets can be displayed on factory monitors to help optimise performance and quality control.

SparcEye Label Verification can also be incorporated into all of our machines without the need for any additional line length or machine modification. Each pack is verified for correct labels, barcodes and variable print data to ensure the highest integrity and security for your brand is maintained at all times.

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  • Buhmann