Case/Crate Packing

Fully automatic case packing systems for case erecting, pack stacking, pack loading and case closing. Fully flexible systems to produce SRP, RRP, Wraparound and Tray formats together with the ability to automatically load packs in a stand up or lay flat orientation within the same machine. Compact design of the systems ensures that the smallest footprint is maintained with the ability to design systems specifically for space limitations and compact areas. The systems offer a reliable and repeatable process to ensure consistent packing quality and efficiency is maintained at all times.

Fully Integrated Systems

Interfood offer a fully integrated supply position with the full support and expertise of Interfood’s technical and service teams. Maximum efficiency, optimised performance across all components of the line, increased flexibility and consistent quality are the main objectives of an integrated end of line solution from Interfood. Improve line control and reduce giveaway whilst at the same time have simple, fast changeover options for different line requirements. These ranges make it possible to add highly efficient, cost-effective – and fully automated- packing solutions to your production line. Whatever your requirements – talk to Interfood.

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