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    GMI Multitray 800

    Any portion cut by the universal GMS multicut 1200 can be packed in 100% fixed weight portions e.g. cutlets, steaks, chops, roulades, minute steaks, stew meat, meat strips etc.

  • Check Weighing - Grading Line
  • Check Weighing - Grading Line

Check Weighing - Grading Line

TVI’s traying line can produce 100% fixed weight portions in individual trays - with absolutely minimal give-away. (Guaranteed less than 1%. Bone-in products less than 2%.)

It is a flexible, space-efficient, high-capacity traying line suitable for cutlets, steaks, chops, roulades, minute steaks, stewing meat, strips etc. It provides high product quality and excellent hygiene thanks to packing immediately after portioning. Only between 5% (pork loin) and 20% (chops) will be handled for fixed weight portioning. Between 2 to 6 operators can work on the line at the same time and the tray dispenser is easily adjusted for use with trays of nearly any size.

After slicing, a conveyor belt transports meat portions to the packers. A second belt provides trays, which are packed and transported over a dynamic scale. Most trays need no further processing. But the scale identifies any which are not the exact weight and an operator corrects these by exchanging slices at the reworking station. The scale also takes the average of a specified number of trays for tendency control. Variations of in more than 1gram result in adjustments in the original slicing of the portions.

The line requires only 30-50% of the space - and of the cleaning - necessary for a normal sorting line.

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