• Pumping, Filling & Stuffing

    Lapeg System

    The Lapeg system from Pujolas can pack up to 200mm diameter in all plastic and fibrous casings; products can also be netted. Different loading options are also available.

  • Pumping, Filling & Stuffing

    Schroeder's HAMAX

    Schroeder's HAMAX can be linked to an automatic clipping system for fast efficient production of slicing stock.

  • Pumping, Filling & Stuffing

    Marlen Opti

    Marlen's proven twin piston design is ideal for packing whole meat products without damaging muscle structure. The system is equally effective for emulsion products.

Pumping, Filling & Stuffing

For packing large muscle pieces Interfood offer three options for your applications, whether for lean or fat-on primals.

  • Schroeder
  • Pujolas
  • Marlen