• Injecting & Tenderising

    IMAX 350 Injector

    Much more than an entry level machine, with a 350mm bed-width this machine is versatile, compact and can be supplied with an additional tenderiser head. As with all Schröder machines it is available with needle retraction for bone-in products and has a capacity of up to 1500Kg per hour.

  • Injecting & Tenderising

    IMAX 420Eco Injector

    For medium volume operations up to 2800Kg per hour, this machine has proved to be very popular. With a 420mm wide walking beam conveyor & simple controls it gives consistent results and is easy to clean.

  • Injecting & Tenderising

    IMAX 420 Injector

    Up to 4500Kg per hour depending on product, this machine is fully programmable and, with Schroeder's VISMAX software, can be interrogated at any stage for full accountability. The optional tenderiser head is controlled by the touch-screen, an integral rinsing system ensures maximum hygiene and all needles can be removed in minutes.

  • Injecting & Tenderising

    IMAX 430 Injector

    Specifically designed for in-line conveyor applications, the speed of the 420mm wide belt can be adjusted to fit with the rest of the line. It is particularly used for poultry and fish processing and is also available with a 620mm belt.

  • Injecting & Tenderising

    IMAX 620 Injector

    For maximum performance up to 7000Kg per hour. All bone-in & boneless pork, beef, lamb and poultry products are injected with speed & efficiency. Schroeder's advanced filtration system ensures needles remain clear throughout the working day. A NT620 tenderiser with up to 1200 blades can be married to the injector if required.

  • Injecting & Tenderising

    IMAX 920 Injector

    Some applications demand very high volume: the 920 is a belt machine capable of up to 16000Kg per hour and is most suited to in-line situations.

Injecting & Tenderising

Interfood Technology provides full sales and technical support for Schroeder, the German manufacturer of injecting, tenderising and lacerating equipment.

The Schroeder range of high quality brine injectors and tenderisers is as extensive as the product they process. Through continuous development, Schroeder manufacture the most reliable and accurate machines available today. The many references we have both in the UK and Ireland are testament to this.

Schroeder’s superior build quality, hygienic design and technical advantages are second to none. We can integrate into your existing line or supply the complete solution, Schroeder’s touch screen keeps you in control showing all the relevant curing and process data you need.

We have taken delivery of a new Schroeder Imax Injector to add to our production operation. We visited Schroeder's manufacturing facility and were very impressed by the technical team which, coupled with Interfood's excellent service backup provides us with exactly what we were looking for.”
Regional Engineering Manager, Haverhill
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