Brine Preparation & Marinades

Producing a brine of consistent quality and temperature is crucial to your end product. The Schroeder BRIMAX system gives you full control, is hygienically designed, fully programmable and easy to operate. The standard tank size is 1000 litres.

Schroeder’s superior build quality, hygienic design and technical advantages are second to none. We can integrate into your existing line or supply the complete solution, Schroeder’s touch screen keeps you in control showing all the relevant curing and process data you need.

Having installed a total brine preparation, injection and state-of-the-art multiple Polar Massaging system at their factory, Larry Murrin, CEO of Dawn Farms, comments The guys at Interfood have done an outstanding job in supporting us over the years and we have no reason to believe that this won't continue into the future. ”
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