Intensive Cooling

Intensive cooling after cooking or roasting offers many benefits. It enables you to: pack products sooner; obtain better product quality; obtain quicker material flow; save energy; minimise weight loss, water consumption and the amount of space needed for the cooling process. Combined cooking and intensive cooling systems or separate intensive cooling units are available meeting the most stringent industry standards.

Performance features include: above average air circulation system guarantees an exceptional loading capacity as well as minimal distance between products; desired values can be reached quickly and short cooling times are guaranteed.

Hygiene: inner and outer case is steam-tight welded, construction is of chrome-nickel steel which is treated with an up-to-date cold insulation foam before hermetically sealing.

Spiral Freezers

Interfood Technology provides sales and support for Alco's quick-freeze spiral freezers - for the cooling and freezing of products with IQF procedure ("individually quick frozen"). This involves sending the food (vegetables such as corn, peas and green beans; seafood like shrimps and scallops; poultry pieces such as individual chicken breasts and fruits like blueberries, strawberries and peaches) as separate items on a conveyor belt into a freezer.

This freezes the items so quickly, they stay separate after they've been frozen. As a result IQF foods are much easier to process and package.

Available in a range of belt widths from 400 - 1000mm and working lengths from 100 - 500 metres, Alco’s spiral freezers offer gentle, even and fast cooling. Giving optimal cooling results via efficient horizontal airflow, they ensure minimal weight loss of products as well as premium preservation of product consistency. As you would expect from Alco, the machines are hygienically designed and easy to handle and clean with maximum safety. Options of Alco loading and declining conveyors are also available to supply the quick-freeze spiral freezers.

Alco Production Line

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