Cooking, Smoking and Roasting

Machines for all applications, available in single or multi trolly versions, solid stainless steel construction giving longer life span and a more consistent cooking, smoking or roasting process.

Smokehouses available with friction, woodchips, sawdust or liquid smoke generator, space saving units with inbuilt smoke generators are also available for all models.

Maurer's Mipas data recording system also ensures that all process parameters are recorded and saved during your cooking, roasting or smoking cycles.

The latest manufacturer to be added to the Interfood range, ALCO, has been at the forefront of the European food processing industry for over thirty years. The company’s extensive range of high quality, reliable food processing equipment naturally includes cooking equipment. Alco’s hot-air linear ovens are available in belt widths of 600, 700 and 1000mm and its grillers in widths of 600 and 1000mm. Utilising the company’s energy-saving heating systems, they are hygienic, easy to clean and operate and cook gently and evenly without fat or oil.

For food heating, grilling or bar marking applications, Interfood offers Afoheat’s gas powered equipment which employs infra-red radiation and convection technology with machines tailor-made to customers’ individual requirements and product specifications. Options available range from height-adjustment and double-sided belt cleaning to flipping stations and pneumatic spray systems.

We can load up to 3 wood blocks at a time in the Maurer, typically using one and a half blocks over two 8 hour shifts, loading them in the morning and then effectively forgetting about them as the smokers run the whole day, with minimal downtime required for cleaning. They are very low maintenance and we just ensure that the friction wheel is kept sharp which gives us excellent smoke product”
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